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How did we do? — 16 Comments

  1. Our daughter has been taking piano with Mrs Sun for 2 years. I love the convenience of having such an amazing music teacher in our Kingsgate neighborhood. Havana can read music and preform at the recital in a casual scholastic environment. Thank you.

    • I love having Havana in my piano class as well! She always brightens my day with her smiles and jokes. 🙂 She did very well in the recital today. I’m so proud of her! I also loves the convenience that Havana and Grace can just play together in our cul-de-sec!

  2. My son is 6 years old and simply loves his Chinese classes with Michelle Sun. Michelle is a wonderful teacher with lots of energy and enthusiasm for teaching. She truly makes learning fun and engaging for her students! Children are taught verbal and written Chinese through stimulating songs, games, homework and various interactive activities. My son enjoys every single class he attends. We have tried many Chinese classes but Michelle Sun’s class is the best! Michelle, thank you so much for the fantastic classes and all your love and patience with the kids!

    • Nathaniel is so much fun to have in my Chinese Chinese Fun! (A) class! He is always energetic and enthusiastic. I can see the zeal in his eyes! He always studies his song/rhyme memorization, character writing, and sentence recitation well and is always ready to present! He also participates in the activities and games with high energy. I also love that he always want to help in class. He even helps to put away chairs at the end of each class and makes sure the classroom is clean and clear before he leaves. What a wonderful child you have! I am so looking forward to seeing him again in September for another year of fun Chinese learning!

  3. My son, Brandon, has been taking Chinese classes with Michelle this year. This is his first Chinese lesson and we don’t speak Chinese at home. My son loves going to Chinese classes and never complains that he doesn’t want to go or that Chinese classes are boring. Michelle makes learning Chinese fun through songs and games, and she doesn’t put pressure on the children if they forget the songs or their homeworks. She uses a rewards system that gives children points for doing homeworks, performing songs, reciting the slideshows, etc. So this gives the children incentives to do their homeworks and perform well. At the end of each quarter, children can exchange their points for toys. I think this is brilliant! The children have fun while learning as they play games. My son loves the Chinese songs and I am so happy to hear him singing songs in Chinese. Thank you Michelle for a wonderful year and everything that you do!

    • It’s so much fun to have Brandon in my class this school year. His enthusiasm in learning Chinese is a great influence to the whole class! He is always positive and eager to share what he has worked hard at home on that week. It’s a pleasure to work with your family this school year. Even Little Erin is a great plus to our audience in class. She always makes Grace smile.

  4. This is our fourth year of Chinese at Learning Horizon and we still love it. Our daughters really like the recent addition of the Quizlet website for practicing their Chinese characters. They like to compete with each other and the other students to get the highest score. Quizlet isn’t considered homeworks it’s fun computer time.

    This is our second year of piano. The whole family looks forward to the twice yearly piano recitals. We love hearing all the students play, and our girls love to perform in the stress-free supportive home atmosphere.

    • I’m so proud of Kate and Kira! They are always responsible in finishing their weekly homework assignment and ready to present what they studied at home on that week no matter it’s character writing, sentence dictation, song recitation, paragraph recitation, conversation practice recitation, story reading…etc. Their good study habit is a great influence to the whole class! Everyone in the Intermediate Chinese class studies hard because they don’t want to be left behind! I love seeing Kate & Kira playing piano as well. I cannot believe how much they have progressed in just two years. They are playing Frozen songs this year! Their duet playing is also beautiful! Thanks for being great parents and working closely with me. Without your assistance at home, they won’t achieve so much in the last four years! Looking forward to working with your family again next school year!

  5. My daughter has been taking Chinese class with Michelle for 2 years now, and she has so much fun. It’s taught bilingually so the kids fully understand concepts of basic grammar, sentence structure as well as learning vocabulary. It’s a great class for families that do not speak Mandarin – with the right emphasis on requiring the kids to try to speak in class, whilst giving them time to gain enough confidence to do so without feeling bad if mistakes are made. Thoroughly recommend it.

    • I cannot believe that I didn’t reply to this review! So sorry, Yvonne. Nina is such a great learner! She is so smart and quick! I am amazed how much and how quickly she could memorize the Chinese songs/rhymes, conversation, sentence patterns…etc. Congratulations to her being admitted to the gifted program! I’m so looking forward to another year of Chinese fun! class with her and the new Piano class as well!

  6. Thank you for teaching our kids Singapore Math. Emma (1st grade) and Victoria (3rd grade) love going every week and are doing much better in school because of this as well!
    Thank you!

    • It’s truly a joy to teach Emma and Victoria this school year! We had so much fun last summer in the summer camps! I called Emma my little mermaid. It only took her two weeks from a non-swimmer to an independent swimmer! Amazing. Emma and Victoria are so well-behaved and curious on learning. My pleasure to have them here!

  7. We started with our oldest son learning Chinese and Singapore math from Michelle.Noah enjoyed the lessons and challenges Michelle incorporated in her instruction. The online tools were also helpful to reinforce what they have learned in class during the Chinese lessons. Especially as a parent, I do not speak Chinese at home. It’s difficult for me to help with homework. We saw the progress in our oldest child and ended up enrolling our younger boy as well since he was 6 years old. This is the best Chinese program we have found for both boys. They have also learned to enjoy math though the Singapore Math lessons.

    • It’s such a joy to work with Noah and Isaiah in the last few years! Noah’s hard working spirit always impresses me. I know I give a lot of homework to the Intermediate Chinese class. But Noah always come to his Chinese class well prepared. Great job, Noah. Isaiah is a smart kido who likes to ask a lot of interesting questions in his Chinese class. So fun to work with. Thanks to you and Eric! Thanks for helping them to develop a good study habit. It makes my job much easier!

  8. If you want your child to truly enjoy learning Chinese, Learning Horizon is the where you need to bring your child. They learn through fun games and songs. My son loves going to Chinese school. I remember being subjected to Saturday Chinese school when I was young and I hated every moment of it. And seeing how much my son enjoy going and learning each week is just heart warming. Ms. Sun is very energetic and loving and makes sure that her students thrive in their own ways. We are so happy to have found Learning Horizon.

    • Thank you, Amy! Having Kenneth here is so much fun! He has always been enthusiastic in answering questions in Chinese and reciting the songs or rhymes. I cannot wait to work with him in our summer camps again! Oh! Also the piano class next school year!

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